Thursday, 25 December 2008



New shoes! Damn cute.

Finally gotten a new bag!




Nice nice Strawberry Sago.



2 years & 11 months anniversary to Dear & I!

But the sad thing is, I suddenly fell ill. Had high fever. Sigh.

6.35am - 38.1DC.
6.55am - 38.3DC.
7.31am - 37.6DC
7.54am - 38.1DC.
8.00am - Ai xin porridge.
8.30am - Ai xin sliced tomato.
8.57am - 38.0DC.
10.54am - 37.9DC.
12.02pm - 38.4DC.
1.13pm - 38.3DC.
1.18pm - Bathed in cold water.
1.33pm - 38.3DC.
2.10pm - 38.3DC.
3.17pm - 38.3DC.
3.57pm - 38.7 DC.
4.34pm - 38.6DC.
5.18pm - 38.8DC.
6.33pm - 38.8DC.
6.45pm - Went to doc's.
8.30pm - Ai xin pizza.
9.36pm - 38.6DC.
9.55pm - Took med.
10.14pm - 38.1DC.
10.45pm - 38.4DC.
11.50pm - 37.7DC.

12.00am - Ai xin oranges.
1.20am - 36.9DC.
2.05am - 36.5DC.
6.30am - 36.0DC.
4.00pm - 37.8DC.
5.25pm - Took med.
5.45pm - 38.4DC.
7.13pm - Took med.
7.33pm - 37.7DC.

2.40am - Took med.
6.29am - 36.4DC.
10.50am - 36.6DC.

...& I'm recovered!

Long awaited pics taken for Shan's VC lesson. Enjoy!

The real 1st breakout, but very unglam la........

Both of them can block Cheryl & I!

The "doing RJ" scene.

Supposedly "3rd meeting". Those slides are their Consumer Psychology module, nothing to do with me okay.

I want a huge boxful of this! KitKat bar - Cookies & Cream! From Aust. :(:(:( Super niceeee.

...I don't know what to say...

Our "peeping tom".

Our "engineer".

Our "auntie Cheryl".

Supposedly "1st Meeting". Didn't know they took so many pics of me. Lol.

The "1st Breakout"

Where's the other 2?


That 2 blur faces look familiar.

Laptop's screen is black. NG.

We have a temporary student called Sadako.

Yvonne's expression is scaring off future RP students & staff.

Oops. My fringe is too long.

Cheryl, you're too tall la! & my ugly smile. Sigh.

All abit too crazy la. I'm no better off, look so dao.

Denise like trying to escape from a bomb hahaha! =X

Why NG? Cuz Cheryl's laptop didn't face the camera!

Denise feeling kinky! (Denise's hand there hahaha.)

Fun-loving Denise haha.

That 2 siao cha bors. LOL.

Finally...the few proper ones.

Yvonne's overly happy after ending the shooting. (>.<)

According to Yvonne, Yvette & Deb today, there was a couple quarreling behind our table while we were having breakfast in school. Cheryl & I weren't as busybody as them la haha. They kept looking & looking at the couple cuz it was 'action-packed'.

What happened was...
` The couple was queuing at the last stall.
` They started quarreling, or rather, the girl started the squabble first.
` The girl SLAPPED the guy! Hard & loud! People queuing in front turned & looked.
` Not queuing anymore, full time quarreling.
` Girl slapped him AGAIN.
` Shifted location to behind the pillar.
` Girl threw something like a pendant into the bin I think.
` Girl slapped guy.
` Girl wanted to leave, guy stopped her.
` Shifted again.

Roughly it was like that. But the girl slapped him 5 times! O.O The guy didn't even touched her man. Wth. Slapping a guy, shouting at him in public, pulling his hair & kept poking his chest accusingly -- most probably makes most guys flare up big time. But he didn't do anything to stop her. Like trying to be a gentleman, but it's like, he has no dignity in front of anyone present.

If it was me doing that to Dear in public, I guess I would suffer horribly man. Lol. But I wouldn't do that in the first place -- not in public. It's not like we did not quarrel in public before, quite a few times actually, but it has never been that ugly, except for once, much shouting but not much 'action'. Gah, don't rake up the past. We're so loving now. Haha.

Gotta call Fujitsu Service Centre later man, when are they returning me my laptop? Today is the last day of school before the 3-week break, & I don't have a laptop with me. I wanted to loan again, but the guy in front of me took the last one. HUMPH. He some sort of cut queue. Better not let me see him again. So, what I have on my table is my notebook & pen (which luckily I brought in case I could not get a laptop), my phone, & Stephen King's Pet Sematary (left 1/8 unread). Sigh. Actually I'm writing in my notebook, transferring to blog post.


When I'm not feeling lazy........ =D


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