Monday, 1 December 2008

011208.. pics.

Pepper has been VERY naughty recently. So she's stuck, on the table (she's afraid of heights).

A sample of Pantene's new product, 3 Minute Miracle, was sent to my mailbox, addressed to MY NAME. How did they even know my name & address. -.-" Anyway I haven't tried it yet.


Dear & I just dyed our hair a few days ago. Mine was Creamy Ash Natural, his was Smoky Black. Now his hair is soooo black, like a period of time ago. & my hair is darker & more ashy. Heh

Happy Birthday, December babies:
5th Dec: Wenxin (Miko). Yvonne Tay.
11th Dec: MiaoYan.
15th Dec: Cass. YanTing.
16th Dec: Keita Tachibana.
17th Dec: Ryuichi Ogata.
23rd Dec: Zoe Sim.
26th Dec: Siew Hoon.
27th Dec: Philzah.

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