Wednesday, 31 December 2008

010109.. new year!

I used to be kinda euphoric during the last day of a year, staying at home & watching countdowns on tv with my family. I'm home alright, but I don't have this kinda feeling.

A new year, the next year. Isn't it just 1 more year nearing Doomsday? What's there to be happy about?

Or am I just being pessimistic. Hmm. You can't blame me for being pessimistic unless you can solve all my problems & make sure I'm clear of any troubles in the future.

I did smile when I saw the clock turn 12am on my laptop though.
It's so noisy outside my place. Haha. Good for those enjoying the new year.

Broke my promise to myself of not taking anymore panadols. Stupid headache.


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