Friday, 4 April 2008

040508.. pics.

I wanted to upload more pics but stupid Blogger doesn't allow. Damn you!
Yesterday was the first day of my official Year 2. Soooo many good speakers in my class lorhs. Very pressurized.. Haha. But luckily it's a chatty and friendly class, not those kinda quiet & shy kind. :)
Yesterday's module was Effective Presentation Skills. Faci is Gan Koh. She's alright I guess. Lol, she said I have a nice hairdo. Haha.
Had a tiff with Dear again, due to a stupid reason again. I was kinda piffed, but I cried anyways. This crybaby in me. I just ignored him and tried to help him with his work. Didn't even wanna talk to him when he talked to me. Just grunted or something. But later at night, things got better, but I was still in a grumpy mood. Hah, my trademark huhs. He stayed over anyways. & Pepper woke him up in the morning just before I left for school. We went off together.
Late in meeting Mel & Guoz again! Lol, think gotta get up at 6.30am instead of 6.45am. 15mins less of sleep is kinda spoiling lorhs. My block is so far larhs. E6. The furthest block in the campus. Had to find my way alone cuz didn't know who was in the same block as me. I'm in class E66H btw. I walked for so long but still haven't reach, I thought I was going in the wrong direction. Haha.
Yay! No lessons tmr! Dear also not going to school. Haha. Perhaps stay at home to let him finish up his work, or maybe can go Bugis to see if my pics are up already or not. =D Super act cute one lorhs. Lol. No choice, cuz the clothes Auntie Betty made me wear are soooo cute. =.="
** Jo & I.

**Rubbish. Haha.

**Lovey Lovey~

**Err..Kaya's phone. =X

**The BIG BIG BIG jar for SUGAR. O.O

**Trying to collect pics of "17". Our anniversary day.

**Suki Sushi........

**Strap on the left is for Jo. Strap in the middle was recently covered in PEPPER'S SALIVA. Fluffy ball on the right is a super cute PEN.



**DEAR & I. I love this 2 pics.. Esp the first, very got feeling lorhs! (OOPS, Singlish. =D)

** MIA - in cute version. O.O

Written a few days ago.....
One day, Jo & I went to Kaya's place. Their first meeting. Haha. Although it was almost Uno the whole afternoon, I can't deny that we had fun & laughter. Not forgetting our usual craziness. :) Kaya said that her younger siblings love me so much. Lol. Hadn't seen them both for so long, they've certainly grown taller, & cuter too.
Dad's birthday today! Actually had planned to make 46 dumplings for him (he's 46 this year), but didn't have enough money for the ingredients. That's how broke I'm now. Bought him a little cake before I went home instead, which has a Hamtaro-like toy on top. Wahaha. Like for kid like that. =D
Went to Bugis Street today, for the photo session. Wow. Think I wore at least 30 outfits lorhs. & at least 50 photos taken. Auntie Betty's new stocks are actually quite nice.. I like quite a few of them. :) Dear was the photographer as usual. So many people standing outside the shop & see lorhs. So damn paiseh. Wore quite alot of those cute cute clothes. Haha. Cute poses too. So unlike me. Auntie Betty gave me a top which I like, as thanks for helping her with the photos. Lol. Actually she gave me a very nice tube top, but it was kinda big for me.. So I got a YELLOW shirt that has a hoodie & rabbit ears. WAH. Should see me in that! Lol. Scully scare you people. Haha. But really it's very cute larhs.. Auntie Betty promised to print extra of the photos for me. Lol, guess the new shop unit is also gonna be fulllll of my photos too. O.O The session took more than 3 hours I think. Didn't know that it could make me so exhausted & headachy. Haha.
I finally uploaded pics! Know why? I couldn't find my cable at home, cuz it ain't at home in the first place. I left it at Auntie Betty's shop on the last day I worked. =.=" Hah. Enjoy viewing!

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