Friday, 14 March 2008

140308.. back!

Yo people! I'm back! So sorry for MIA-ing for so long. I "accidentally" deleted a system file, couldn't even get to Windows, and went to school to upgrade, reformat & re-configure my lappy today. Dang. Everything that's important to me IS GONE!! MY PICS, SONGS, MOVIES, CLIPS, GAMES! Except for that few stuff that ain't really important left in D Drive. Aarg. Nahs, blame it on my itchy hand. =.=
Well, have been working recently, at Bugis Street's 2nd level, Tips&Toes. Selling clothes that are of Goth-Punk-Loli style.. Do drop by to take a look. New stocks arriving around end of March.. I'll be working till the 23rd probably. :)
Now for updates! Pics, another day.
1st day of the (considered) long working period...07th March '08.
Some of the quotes for the day.....
"This shop you open de ar?"
"You look like barbie doll.."
"So kawaii!!"
"You from the RP's 'Hey! Gorgeous' right?"

Don't know why I kept feeling so hungry (like how I do now). Shoulda brought pasta to work. Waiting for Dear to come... Hopefully sales improve!
2nd day...08th March '08. Counting down to BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday to Joyce!
**Stupid hairband hurting me so much.**
I had the most delicious charsiew+wanton noodles! Bought by the kind & friendly auntie from the shop next door. Hehs. Don't know if it's cuz I was feeling so hungry. Lol. Sales is better already..
[Stupid Cheena customers. Keep on trying trying trying, asking for discounts when I already gave them the best prices they could have. Hello! This ain't China! & the stuff ain't from China!]
LOL. So many girls came to me & asked if there's any of my dress left in stock. One even asked me to sell my dress to her! =.= No way! It's my fav dress.. Haha. Some more I wore so many times lers.
Erma came into my shop with her friend.. We didn't notice each other until I looked up from my Word-Search book & noticed her. We took the same train home too. Haha.
Made an acquantaince, a 16-year-old girl who's also into JROCK. Haha, chatted with her till I forgot it's time to close shop. Ayiko, nice to know you! :)
Oh, there was a beng who wanted my number but didn't dare to ask. HAH. HUMJI.
3rd day, 09th March '08.
Saw Jac! Lol. Szelee came over for awhile.. Passed me my birthday pressie! Heez. Guess what did she give me? Something I like very much but couldnt't find it.. FULL CREAM MILK. Haha. Very hard to find okay! NTUC, etc, always sell normal or low fat that kind.. But no full cream ders. Lol. Damn nice larhs, but very fattening. Good for me. xD She also bought a shirt from my shop as support. GO AHLEE! Hehs.
Lol. A girl suddenly came to me & asked if she could take my pic as she find me pretty. =.= Then she asked me which bands do I listen to.. Then she went off. =.= Another girl asked how did I style my hair. Err, wax? Lol.
Lil malay girl: Are you emo?
(What a qns!)
Mia: Err no, more to JROCK.
Lil malay girl: J what? What? What's that?
Mia: Err.. Japan rock.
(Layman term. Hah.)
Lil malay girl: Oh.. Where did you cut your hair?
Mia: Err.. Personal hairstylist.
Lil malay girl: Oh.. You look so cool.
WTH! 3 Indian girls walked past & 1 looked at me & got a shock when I moved! She thought I was a giant barbie mannequin. She said sorry then laughed so loudly down the lane. Dang. Got aunties say I look like dolly too. Say my hair very cute.. Haha. & again, people ask if this is MY shop. :/
After work, had to go to Violette to meet Dear & his family to celebrate birthday together. Joyce's, Dear's & mine. The cab queue at Bugis Junction super long lorhs. So in the end I on-called for one. The uncle almost drove me to Clementi, luckily Dear told me it's at Serangoon.
Joanie gave me pressies! She gave me a big strawberry multi-purpose bag, a very cute angel pen & a handphone strap. At 12am+, Joanie & Jeremy burst into the room with a very creative & cute & sweet cake, singing birthday song for the 3 of us. Haha.. It's a choc cake with many colourful choc candies covering the top & strawberry pokky biscuits sticking on top. Lol!
Dear sang "Bu4 De2 Bu4 Ai4" 5 times! With his mum (4 times) & Joyce (once). Listen until wanna faint lers.. Haha.. Kana forced to sing.. Reached home quite late that night..
10th March '08. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEAR & I!
(No work! =D)
Lol I'm finally 18 years old lers.. Still used to saying I'm 17. Haha. & Dear's 22 lers.
Dear woke up early in the morning cuz he wanted to go to the bank to get a new ATM card as his original one was stuck in the machine (it was almost bent into half). After that he said he was going to meet Sebas for work stuff. I woke up at 12pm+ & went to get ready, & met up with Dear at Cine. We watched "Meet The Spartans". Damn stupid show sia, like "Epic Movie". But there's some parts I find quite hilarious, but definitely not worth the money to watch in a cinema, not even on Mon. =X
We took neoprints! Have to rmb to get it scanned.. =D
After the movie, we rushed to Bugis to meet Melon, Chunrui, Jo & Eric for dinner at Seoul Garden. Eric treated Dear & I. Heez. The most surprising thing was that.....Dear actually baked me a birthday cake! This is only his 2nd time baking a cake, after his 1st time during sec sch Home Ec class. Heez. Actually he didnt go to meet Sebas, he rushed home to change clothes, then took the cake & rushed to Seoul Garden to leave it there first. When I heard people singing Happy Birthday, I thought it was coincidence that someone else was also celebrating birthday there. But the singing became louder & louder, & Dear & the staffs stood in front of me holding a heart shaped-whipped cream-strawberries on top of the cake. O.O I stunned. Then held back my tears. Lol. The cake is choc inside, also have blueberry cheese. Haha. Almost everybody was looking at me.. So paisehs.. The staff shook my hand & wished me happy birthday while I was still stunning. Haha. I was still blur how come only sang with my name & not Dear's.. =.=
This is just the 2nd big surprise from him.. Haha.. HINTHINT: Laopo asking for more. =X
We also took some cake for the staff there.. Of course I had the biggest portion. Hehs.
After dinner we stood outside trying to decide on what to do next.. Eric went off to meet his gf, & all of us couldn't decide whether to watch a movie or go shopping. It was already 8pm+.. In the end we went shopping at Bugis Street.. Only bought 2 pairs of lashes. After that, we went to take train & bounce back to the west area. Had a very funny & enjoyable trip although it's only the MRT. We wanted to take pics together, so asked Melon to take for the 4 of us. He ar.. Failed as even a basic photographer.. =.= Take 1 pic can take until 5mins. Our faces cramp liaos larhs.. Haha.. But he sacrificed cuz he was actually on diet, but think he gained back that few kgs cuz of Seoul Garden. Next is the always-bad-luck Chunrui. He kana baby puke. =.= Everyone laughed non stop.. Even strangers.. Lol.. Suay until now.
Jo gave me a cute small Precious Moments mug! Must have costed alot.. Even she herself said it's the most ex gift she ever gave to someone.. Haha.. Thanks huh gf.. xD
After that she came over to my place for awhile.. Phototaking for awhile & I helped her to tie plaits like mine. xD
4th day, 11th March 2008.
Wow! It certainly rained superbly hard today esp when Dear & I stepped outta the void deck. My shoes were wet in 2 mins. I just got them washed & dried! The lil umbrella didn't do us justice. Damn. It's so cold today that I had to borrow a shawl from the shop.
Something interesting finally happened today. An uncle came into my shop & asked if I wanna get my fortune told for $20. I said too ex. Then he reduced the price to $15. Haha. He depended on my palm & facial features. He said my features are very good.. But there's a line running across my palm. Good for guys to have it, but bad for girls. Hmm Dear also has one.. Good for him lorhs. Haha. Anyways I only rmb some details..
1. No problems with health.
2. Good marriage age is 23-26.
3. Will give husband good fortune.
4. Have a happy marriage.
5. 3 kids - 2 girls 1 boy. (I dowan girls....)
6. Friends will be more dependable than family.
7. Better not take flights on age 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, etc.
8. Will live till age 82 or 87 (I forgot).
9. Better stay overseas for 2 years. Forgot why.
10. Offended a spirit 2 years ago, that's why got some problems now.
11. Got chance of doing a biz, but better with guy partner than girl partner cuz she'll eat away the money. =.="
12. I love Dear more than he loves me.. =.=
13. More suitable with guys who are of zodiac tiger & dog.. (Dear's a tiger.)
14. Clash with zodiac rat.
15. Guys respect me.
16. Will have bad luck this year cuz it's year of rat.
17. I don't bear grudges.
18. Bf is hot-tempered.
19. Mature thinking.
20. Will get cheated by a guy.
He tried to sell me a pendant to clear my mind, etc, at $98. O.O No $. Then he slowly reduced to $12. Haha, sounds like a conman huhs. Don't even know if this kinda stuff works, time to find out! He said keep it in wallet for a week, take it out, put into a pail of water & use it to shower. Sounds kinda lame.. Lol. He said he really wanted to help me.. =.= Let's just wait & see...
12th March 2008. Didn't go work. =X
The day wasn't as happy as how I thought it would be...
If I were a stray cat,
I would look at people with big round eyes, instead of my now emotionless eyes.
I would have all the freedom I want.
I have body weapons to protect myself.
I would be brave to stand up for myself.
I need not mind anyone.
I would not know the hatred & selfishness that exists in people.
I would roam & not know that love hurts.
All that I know is eat, drink, sleep.
Most importantly I would love myself most & not worry about hurting inside.
More emo stuff today.. Lol. But no matter how hard things get, how hard I feel, I would still try my best to put on a smile for my friends & family. I'm finally taking heed of "Might as well go on with life happily than to wallow in unhappy times of the past", "Look toward the future, forget about the past". Guess these kinda old sayings are kinda true & useful huhs.
One thing that pissed me off much today was people smoking at "NON SMOKING ZONE".
& the coffee shop really stinks like pee. Urgh.
5th day, 13th March '08.
Went to school early in the morning with Dear.. Had to upgrade, reformat & reconfigure lappy. We watched "King Kong" while waiting.. Haha. Also had Ben&Jery icecream. Cherry Garcia. I feel it tasted like coconut, Dear say taste like ginger.. Lol. I brought him to Haven to have lunch.. Intro him the Taiwan Delights, the black pepper mermaid. I had the sweet & sour pork. Very nice.. But we couldn't finish the food. =X
Went to work after that.. Last min when closing shop got alot customers.. Always like that. Sians. In the end close shop at almost 10.30pm lorhs. But luckily they did buy alot stuff. Haha. Dear accompanied me whole day, in the shop too. Haha. Both of us so bored, at there play Spider Solitaire cuz my games are all gone.. *cry*
6th day, 14th March '08.
Had soooo many customers when I opened the shop! Was kept so busy.. Another Indian guy thought I was a barbie doll sitting on the chair. =.="
Oh no!! I spent almost 2 days' pay on buying bras.. =.=" But Dear say consider is he buy, he'll give me $100 for birthday & anniversary (3days more!) pressies. Haha. MUACKS.
Finally! Finished updating. Hahs. Shall upload pics another day when I've more time. Gotta go sleep now... Work again tmr.. Sigh. Cannot spend anymore money!!!! Must save for anniversary say.. Haha.

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