Tuesday, 26 February 2008

260208.. short entry.

Yo people. Just gonna have a short entry to keep this blog updated. So lazy to upload the pics & write entries. =X
The important thing is..I WATCHED


L just rock my world hardcore larhs.
Sooooo cute. This movie is a must watch!!
Damn this is the last movie of Deathnote.. Sigh. Go watch it now!
It made me wanna watch all of the Deathnote movies & read all of the mangas all over again.
Kenichi Matsuyama is HOT. =D

Went to town with Jo yesterday.. I was late, once again. Haha. Sorry larhs, woke up late - again. =X I almost missed my stop cuz I was listening to songs & using phone, while Jo got off at the wrong bus stop & had to walk to Far East. Lol. Funny gals.
Jo called Dickson & her bf.. Then we crapped. Lol. She helped me to remove those stickers & pics of idols from my cupboard.. Haha. Then she went off at 10pm+, & Dear came over cuz he needed the laptop to do some work. Haven't had his com fixed yet. We kinda had a slight cold war, but never mind, it's alright now. xD
He said no matter how busy he is (with hmwk & work currently), he'll still find time to meet me up everyday. Aww. But anyways he's been staying over almost everyday. xD
Was actually supposed to go over to Yanting's (my ex-neighbour) place, but I was sooo tired & lazy (=X) so I postponed the visit. Lol. She did well for her Os, & got into JC. So happy for her. Maybe cuz I seldom see her now, our friendship is getting more bland. When we were neighbours, we hung out & played together every single day. Sigh. I miss those days.
Well...I woke up at 5pm+. *GASP* Haha. Nothing special but it is the latest time I got up since the hols started. Have to have my beloved loooong sleeps before I start work in March. Sigh.
Dear just came over, & I'm kinda rushing to shorten my blogging session cuz I've gotta help him with his work. Nice gf rights! Haha.. My so called "short entry" has become a kinda long one, so... I'm off! Bye!

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