Saturday, 23 February 2008

230208.. work.

I've been working for the past 2 days at Bugis Street, Tips&Toes. As it's after CNY, sales haven't been very good. Sigh. Soooo bored sia haha. But made some friends.. I'll be working there in March from the 8th-23rd. Whoa. How to survive. Lol.
I was late in opening the shop yesterday. =X Cuz I didn't wanna get up no matter how much Dear pulled me.. Lol. Joelle came to visit me there. She bought me lunch plus some brownies+cookies she made. Her friends went to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd but she watched already so she stayed in the shop to accompany me. Dear came awhile after that, after printing his work nearby. Auntie came back at 4pm+, I thought she would be back at 6pm cuz I ending work at that time. The next door salesgirl was also very bored so she kept on coming over for a chat.. Haha. One funny thing that happened was that a guy & gal came to the shop. The gal suddenly talked to me, saying that the guy ask whether can take pic with me or not. O.O She said can also ask my friends who are in the shop to join in. I went to grab Dear out haha. Then we took a pic with the guy at the corridor. So weird. Haha.
After work, Jo went to expo to meet her bf, while Dear & I went to Far East to collect his suit and we headed home.
Last night I was suffering from hyper-ness after eating one of the brownie+cookie Jo gave me. I kept laughing.. Then Dear was affected too. We lay on the bed and kept laughing, everything just seemed to be so freaking funny. Mum then came in to see what happened.
Dear hold my bra:
Dear: Prize award.
Me: Cupboard alot.
Then we began laughing non stop again.. Lol. Like mad people.
Managed to calm down after a cup of warm water and fell asleep. :)

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