Friday, 15 February 2008

150208.. pics.. vday..

Have been staying at home for the past few days.. Can't take it! I need the outside air hahaas.
First thing, Happy VDay to everyone! Hope you guys have had a great day.
Vday was nothing very special for me.. But it's the 3rd Vday I celebrated with Dear..
Really happy about that lols.
Today went to TPY with Dear again.. Met Rion & WeiXian.. What WeiXian passed on to us was kinda more confusing today ahhaas.
*Wish all the best to ****'s mum.. Will pray for her to get well soon..*
*Wearing Dear's cosplay top.. so big lorhs!


*Vampy Dear & I. LOLs.

* Kisses. Happy Vday to all!


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