Wednesday, 13 February 2008

130208.. pics.

Joelle actually told me last min tat she ain't coming to my place cuz she's going to Msia, so I planned not to go out. Woke up at 3pm+.. MeiJuan & ZhaoTing (my cousins) came over cuz mum asked them to help her with the clearing of stuff. I didn't lock my room.. And they came in to disturb me while I'm sleeping. They love to do that. =.="
Joelle then called me and asked where am I. At home! Then she asked me out. WTH. Hahaas. I told her to come over and wait for me while I get ready.. We went to Orchard to meet Dear, and his friends afterwards. But last min (again), WeiXian fell ill so not meeting them lers. Went to Heeren to take neoprints.. Dear came in extra in some pics.. Hahaas. 1st time take pics with Dear & another person.. Must remember to bring over to Dear's place tomorrow to scan. =D
After that we went to Far East cuz Dear had a fitting session at the tailor's. Joelle & I went up to order our dinner first, then Dear came up to look for us. The auntie gave us some fried wantons free cuz we're regulars. Hahaas.
Next stop: Lucky Plaza.
Actually we wanted to go to Taka first. Dear had to buy a pair of leather shoes, those biz kind.. Went into a shop with soooooo many shoes. O.O
But none were our kind hahhas. Dear managed to find 1 pair. Nice ders okies. The auntie sold it at $180, but Dear cut the price till $60. Li Hai bahs!! xD
Cine next. I bought nail stickers, fake eyelashes & a peel-off mask there. :) Wanted to buy clothes actually, but didn't see any that I like. I seldom buy clothes from town. Lols.

Dear & I.

Me & Joelle.



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