Sunday, 10 February 2008

100208.. pics.

Yesterday, Dear & I went to Orchard to shop.. Saw Michelle at Heeren. Hahaas. 2nd time I saw her at town I think. Didn't but much.. Bought a wallet for myself, another wallet or Dear, and also a belt for him. Dear went to make a suit. $500 after discounting alot. Last minute planned to go O Point to look up Lincoln.. It was 9pm+.. The shops were closing, so we went to Mac and stayed there till around 10.30pm.
Went over to Boat Quay for supper.. The Malay Fried Rice & Fried Tang Hoon superr nice! Wahhs.. *drip saliva liaos* Ohhs yarhs, saw Geraldine there. She screamed my name, and ran towards me and gave me a bear hug. Hahaas. Dear didn't know who's she and was thinking whether to stop her or not. Lols.
Went up to O Point after supper.. Sat around and waited for the rest to come, Rion & his friends, WeiXian & his gf & her sis.. Had Chivas again.. Saw the gal who works at Spin B for her parents.. Hahaas. So coincident.
Ohhs, there was this weird guy.. I came out of the toilet, Dear was behind me. We wanted to walk back to our seats, but it was kinda narrow, only enough for 1 person to pass at a time. This guy came in the opposite direction. When he saw me, he suddenly jumped back and put his 2 hands up. He looked very scared.. =.=" I didn't do anything! Maybe he just happened to see my fierce face AKA without expression. We kept laughing.. Lols.
Reached home at 4am+ bahs.. But still wasn't tired. =D
Today went to SK as usual.. Had steamboat again.. Actually Dear was supposed to meet WeiXian they all, but got miscommunication so they meeting tomorrow instead. So we went to Compass Point.
Alot of pics below.. Hahaas.. Enjoy! :)
Hair colour?

White punk dress.


My black-lil-punk dress.

Black tube dress.


My Dearest.

Me & Bulanden (lil bro).

My Dearest & I. He looks weird in almost every pic after his haircut. =X



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