Friday, 1 February 2008

010208.. happie bdae violet.

i didnt go to skul ystdy.. was too tired ahhaas. turned off the alarm, msged mel at 7.15am, saying: mel, i not goin plut today.. too tired..
can tell im tired huhs, skul became plut.
9am+, dear msged me, waking me up.
y didnt msg me huhs?
sry dear, i overslept so didnt go skul, so didnt msg eu.
dear den went to skul at arnd...1.30pm. watym did hammie wake up? she woke up at 3pm+ after hibernating. ;)
ate noodles, den quickly got ready to meet dear at tpy. but last min canceled the appointment cuz of his stupid fren. ended up meeting him at somerset station, den we went to cine to c if there's any nice movies.. we didnt watch any, cuz they're either: sold out; M18; too late.
anyways, counting down to
went downstairs to c if jo's working today, but NO, i've nvr seen her working there till now. hahs. veri no fate.
dear & i den went to heeren, & i complained of craving for CAKES. lols. my cravings always comes suddenly. walked arnd for awhile, followed by our usual bitching session in HMV. hahaas.
we went to far east next.. saw Ivan on the way ahhahas. he's out wid gals AGAIN. lols.
we went to Han's to buy blueberry crumble pie for me first, den we went to one of the salons at the first floor cuz dear wanna get a haircut. the auntie kept saying our style veri nice, veri jap+tai. hahaas. she lyks our hairstyle, & my skirt & eyeliner LOLS. the bill came $40. hahaas. when we wanted to go to 7-11, we saw dear's frens, kim, max, weide, JL. glad to noe tat max is back to normal wid them :). chatted for awhile.. den we went to get our drinks, den we went home.

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