Saturday, 20 August 2016

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Seoul!


I know it's been suuuuuper long since the last update...

So long that we have gotten married!
And received the keys to our new home!
And started renovation!

The wedding was in January this year. We got married on our 10th anniversary! I'm still in the midst of editing the photos (very unproductive...) because my makeup was really horrible and I could have done a much better job. =/ So this post is not about our actual wedding, but to finally be able to post all our pre-wedding shoot. The shoot was done when we were slimmer back in 2014.

Have mentioned a few times that we engaged Ido-Wedding for our pre-wedding photoshoot. We're really pleased and satisfied with the results! The wedding outfits, service (not just Ido-wedding consultants but also the photography staff, bridal assistant, hair & makeup studio from Seoul!), various theme setting were really good. Ido-wedding partners many studios in Korea and they have all kinds of indoor/outdoor settings and concepts for you to pick from. We chose Rari Photography (라리스튜디오).

Without further ado, let me finally present all of our pre-wedding photos.